Memory Treasures: Preserving the Sweet and Hilarious Newborn Moments

Babies’ expressions at birth are quite sweet. The baby’s endearing expression, which is similar to an adult’s, has won the hearts of many online users.

Well, why don’t you give it to me instead of leaving right now?

To preserve the world is your goal! Superheroes in the air: get out of their way.

A future dancer’s routine, perhaps?

Why are you hauling me out here when you’re doing nothing? Arrest you!

This infant is presumably considering what to eat today in the meanwhile.

Be calm! It takes five seconds to remain stationary. “Who am I and where am I?” his eyes appeared to be asking.

You must all smile broadly in the photograph, buddies.

I learned that my father is a billionaire when I was born, and I’m very excited, you guys.

I’m not sure what the world has done to this person, but he seemed so unhappy when he was born.

You must strike a “heavy” pose, I dare you.

I’m not sure if it’s more enjoyable outside than within the womb.

Allow me to cut the chord for you folks.

Another fighter with a mission to defend the world

… But, something is off, and I’m debating going or staying.

It’s still possible to wean yourself for a few years, hehe.

“Can’t see the fatherland” is laughing here.

I’ve been here for a few days now, which has been absolutely miserabɩe.

Are you still photographing me? Leaping.

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