The Enchanting Glass Grape: A Fruitful Delight Hanging from Branches

In an exotic vineyard grows a unique grape like no other. Called Glass Grape, it has a delicate beauty with fruit-laden grapes hanging from a tree branch.

The Glass vine blooms with enchanting beauty, lushness and unbelievably fruit-laden clusters. The delicate branches are like works of glass art, bending gently under the weight of the fresh grapes, forming an enchanting sight like a frozen shower.

Each individual grape of Nho Kinh, transparent and sparkling, carries a magical charm. Their colors vary from pale purple and turquoise tones to brilliant rubies and blues. As the sun danced on them, the Glass grapes glowed with a soft light, spreading a magical sparkle throughout the vineyard.

But the special thing about Nho Kinh lies in its grapes. Biting into one of these amazing grapes is an incomparable experience. Light sweetness and mild sourness blend, with slight honey and orange notes that captivate people. Their succulence cannot be found in any other grape, as if thousands of tiny jewels explode with each bite, providing a flavor dance that sublimates the senses.

Farmers and wine lovers from all over the world stream to the vineyard, eager to see Nho Kinh in all its beauty. They marvel at nature’s work of art, picking these gems to enjoy or transform into stellar wines. Wine bottles from Nho Kinh

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