The fragility of life’s challenges: Reflections on a child’s last hand holding

When a child is born, they arrive in this world devoid of knowledge or understanding. Yet, in that vulnerable state, they possess an innate ability to reach out and grasp the hands of their parents. The moment a child’s tiny hand clasps that of their parents, an unbreakable connection is established. It is a connection that surpasses material wealth, societal expectations, or any external factors. It is a bond woven with love, trust, and unspoken promises of unconditional support. In that moment, the child finds solace, security, and the assurance that they are not alone in their journey through life.

Being born unlucky in health is not uncommon, it is perhaps the first challenge in life that children have to go through. And not every child is lucky enough to conquer that challenge. In such cases, the final moment can be when the child, insurmountable, has let go of the parent’s hand, leaving behind an indescribable sense of loss.

That touch, I don’t know is the last time…


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