Decorating in white for many of us, is a big “no! no!” – but- the same “most of us” are drawn to the appeal of white decor!
With the many choices for stain resistant fabrics, spray on stain guards and tried and true remedies for stain removal: why not white?!
May be an image of lighting and sliding door

Like a canvas, white can become the background for layering colors and textures. It can become the foreground in making colorful décor pop. White décor brings a calming, light and cooling aesthetic appeal. White is a great choice in helping to visually open/enlarge small spaces!

Even if it’s one area, one room, or one piece of furnishing – and of course paint, enjoy the breezy, pleasing benefits of décor that is light, bright and white!

May be an image of kitchen island, lighting, range hood and indoors

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May be an image of range hood, kitchen island, lighting, sliding door and indoors

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