Nature’s Jackpot: The Astonishing Financial Worth of the ‘Strange’ Mutant Pineapple

Every now and then, social networks stir up about a certain mutant fruit priced at a very high amount, making everyone curious. As recently, a strangely shaped pineapple was auctioned by netizens, who paid 7 billion, 8 billion, 10 billion, even some people paid 20 billion. This is a very high price for a pineapple. What is so special about it that is so highly paid?

The girl shows off a mutant pineapple valued at 20 billion: Not only does it grow many fruits, but it also “spreads its wings” like a phoenix

As can be seen in the clip, this pineapple has a very special shape, the largest fruit is spread out like a crest, surrounded by many other small pineapples. Many people expressed admiration because they had never seen such a fruit, others admired because the owner could grow a beautiful pineapple.

However, not everyone knows, this is actually a pineapple variety, not a mutant. That is the pineapple phoenix, a special type of pineapple whose fruit is divided into many branches, many layers, shaped like a phoenix.

People often use it to celebrate Tet with the meaning of bringing fortune and happiness to the owner. Pineapple with many branches and bright pink color is much more popular.

Although the above valuation is just a joke of netizens, in fact, the price of pineapple pineapple is not cheap because of its speciality, rarity and meaning. In addition, the cultivation of pineapple and phoenix requires a lot of effort and high technology. Each such fruit will cost about a few hundred thousand, with beautiful fruit up to millions of dong.

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